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The 6 Best Things to do on your Vacation in Nassau

The 6 Best Things to do on your Vacation in Nassau

Known as the Bahamas’ capital of fun, Nassau is the ideal vacation destination if you are
looking to go somewhere tropical. Once you have organised your Nassau vacation rentals
it will be time to plan what you’re going to do while you’re away, and you may well
appreciate a list of the best things to do on your vacation in Nassau. Read on for more

1. Go for a Dive at Stuart’s Cove

Found on Providence Island, and ideal for anyone who loves to spend time in the water, or
if you’re just looking for a bit of an adventure, diving at Stuart’s Cove has to be at the top of
your list. Before you head into the water you will be given a few safety tips and a diving
lesson if you’ve never been diving before. Once your lessons are complete you can then
head into the water and get the chance to dive with some wild sharks. Yes, you read that

While you’re diving in the deep blue sea, make your way passed reefs and wrecks, and
explore what is thought to be the world’s most popular diving spot. If diving and swimming
with a few sharks is not for you, you may wish to opt for a spot of snorkelling or try your
hand at SUBs, where you travel underwater in a mini-submarine that’s almost sea-horse
shaped and ideal if you want an underwater experience you’ll never forget.

2. Visit the National Art Gallery

If you are a lover of art, or you simply wish to take in a bit of culture, you may want to think
about heading to the National Art Gallery of the Bahamas. Located at West and West Hill
Streets, Nassau, the art gallery is home to a permanent exhibition and temporary
exhibitions too, ensuring you have the chance to see more incredible works of art should
you visit the gallery again.
Showcasing paintings from the early 20 th century, along with photographs, ceramics and
many other forms of media, if you would like a day away from the beach, the National Art
Gallery should be at the top of your list.
3. See the Swimming Pigs!

As you well know, spending time on vacation often means taking part in activities that you
may not undertake in your everyday life. Here is where a vacation in Nassau can offer you
the chance to do something quite extraordinary. You will have the chance to see the
famous swimming pigs from the comfort of a 39-foot powerboat. If you’re feeling brave you
may want to dive in and feed the pigs a few carrots as they happily swim munching on
vegetables, while staying cool in the crystal clear waters.
The powerboat will take you from Nassau to the Exuma Cays, where you will also have the
chance to feed some rock iguanas, before heading to a secluded beach to bathe in the
sun’s glow. A wonderful day out that includes visiting a few porky friends who you’re
unlikely to ever forget.

4. Spend some time at the Beach

You simply cannot come to Nassau without spending at least a few days at the beach.
There are a few beaches for you to choose from, but the most beautiful beaches are Cable
Beach, which can be found on Providence Island, and Cabbage Beach on Paradise Island.
With long stretches of white sand and amazing blue waters, you may feel as if you’ve
stepped into paradise, and you’d be right! Get your sun cream at the ready, bring a towel
to lay on, and enjoy listening to the waves crashing against the shore as you let your
worries drift away.

5. Visit the Swashbuckling Pirate Museum



Not a lot of people are aware that Nassau was a haven for Pirates in the 18 th Century, but
the area is steeped in history that may make your blood curdle. Visit the Pirates of Nassau
Museum a short distance from Bay Street and the Straw Market, and learn about
Blackbeard, female pirates, the fate of some of the world’s most infamous pirates and

At the time of writing admission to the pirate museum was $13 for adults and $6.50 for
children, and although prices are subject to change, you are guaranteed to have a great
time at the museum which showcases a shanty town, an impressive flag room, and so
much more, me hearties!

6. Enjoy a Rum and Food Walking Tour

You know what it’s like, you go on vacation and you dine out in style, you eat your own
weight in local foods, and you drink a little more than you would at home. If you’re a bit of a
foodie, and you’re a lover of rum, you may want to grab a spot on a Rum and Food
walking tour which will take you to the local food and drink scene, where you can grab a
bite to eat while sipping on some local rum. Let a local guide take you to a distillery where
you’ll learn all about making rum. Enjoy visiting a chocolatier and sampling their delights,
and enjoy rum cupcakes, rum-infused chocolate, and much much more!
If you want to have the time of your life while on vacation in Nassau, why not go for a dive,
visit a local gallery and a pirate museum, swim with some pigs, and enjoy a spot of rum?
Have a vacation of a lifetime in beautiful Nassau.

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