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When Nothing Goes Right…

It feels like there hasn’t been very long since I last spoke of new directions… In fact, it hasn’t been that long at all.

But life loves to throw you curve balls when you are not looking and change seems to be the one constant in this big journey, and when it brings your those unexpected little surprises you have only 2 options: Adapt or Not.

I choose to adapt…

“When nothing goes right, go left…”

I’ve always been at my best when thinking on my feet… So here we go.

I am not getting into details right now, why reminiscing on things you can’t change after all  –  but there are a few lessons that I am planning to impart in the next few weeks, the good, the bad and the ugly – and there are quite some good things that came from bad situations, I’ll have you know, so lets focus on that, shall we?!? 🙂

Here we go… New beginnings… exciting right? It would be, if my anxiety weren’t up to the roof… hehe… But we’ll cross bridges as they come.

It’s What they tell you… Life is a Beach… Shit happens… But i what you do with the lemons life throws at you that counts in the end… (I know… loads of things people say…)

Coffee break over and rant over… So chin up and off to my next engagement!

Yes… I am finishing this post with some light entertainment in the form of the beautiful voice of Brook Gulliver… Why? Because it always makes me smile! And THAT is what I need right now!

Carpe Diem!

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