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Urban: City-like. From the Latin word “urbs”, which means “city”.

Vox: The Latin word for “voice”.

vox populi = ‘the voice of the people’ – Popular opinion or sentiment.

Definition from


And to be honest, even if we had looked further I don’t think we could find a better definition for what we mean UrbanVox to be: That urban voice that doesn’t want to go quietly. has had a few reincarnations as a blog since we began on February the 2nd 2005 (God, I feel old just imagining how long ago that was!) and we’ve had quite an adventure since then.

We’ve traveled the world, be it by plane, boat or even a camper van and did the whole Parent Blogging thing. We’ve done the coverage of two Olympic Games and lost the count of days spent on Fashion Weeks. We’ve spoken about food and beauty and the latest tech in the the market, and even had free reign to roam the VIP Club Lounges and Festivals Before we had a bit of a life crisis and decided to grow up into something more… Professional.

That didn’t last though, after all LIFE IS SO REPETITIVE and as our motto dictates, IT IS OUR DUTY TO MAKE IT FUN!

We are still committed to bring to you great features though, and we are still committed to produce engaging content for partners, clients and sponsors as long as we can bring own unique brand of creativity to the table (if you are interested in advertising at UrbanVox.Net click here to get in touch).

I hope you enjoy reading – and watching – our content as much as we enjoy doing it!

And remember,

Carpe Diem!

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Yuri Pires