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Author: Yuri

5 Industries That Can Benefit From The Use of Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence is no doubt the most advanced technology available in the market right now and every entrepreneur is yearning for a solid understanding of how it is going to benefit them. With the recent developments in this technology, industries and firms can now take advantage of better and safer means of processing, interpreting data, analysis, and automation of services. Below is a highlight of 5 industries that can benefit from the use of artificial intelligence. The Transportation Industry The transportation industry is one major area of concern that Artificial Intelligence can really improve. Recently, there has been hype...

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New Directions

It’s the beginning of a new year… 2018… Time just flew by, huh?!?! I feel like it just went on a blur, and with a new baby in the picture – nights melting into days and back again – all notion of time and space just disappears. 2017 came with no shortage of challenges, some that have carried away to the new year that started 15 days ago, but we work on it… Challenges will always be there, is up to us how we get through them! But 2017 is now in the past. 2018 came with new directions....

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5 Tips for Gambling Responsibly

When it comes to playing slot games or other forms of online games, internet gambling can be a great way to have fun and make a little money. Whether you are just starting out or you are a professional online roulette player, the key to enjoying internet gambling is gambling responsibly. But how can you bet responsibly, how can you gamble safely? Here are some of the tips that can help you gamble responsibly from Dream Jackpot Casino CEO & Owner of the slots website, Scott Manford 1. Don’t take gambling as a way of making money While most...

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It was one of those days – you know the kinda day I mean… One of those slow days at work, where you got nothing better to do apart from thinking of better things you’d rather to be doing? –  Yeah, it was one of those… I don’t know how it started, but we were all siting seating in our desks and just taking turns, in between phone calls, to just shout one thing we  would rather be doing at that precise moment. The general consensus was “being in bed”… Which is a prospect that was starting to to...

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So You Want to Build a House

I think I can speak for the whole Man-kind species when I say there is nothing that gives greatest sense of achievement than building something with your own hands. It makes you feel… How can I put it… Manly! Yes… That is the word! Be it putting up a shelve on the wall or building a house from scratch, there is nothing that makes a man feel manlier than building something with their own hands – Even if it is just flat-pack furniture – It is genetic… Or that is what I am told… Well… I want to build...

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