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Author: Yuri

Let the Games Begin!

So I am there sitting in traffic on the M25 waiting not so patiently to finally be able to leave hell the said motorway to be able to continue my journey when I see one of those huge big light billboards, advising me that there will be delays on the route I am to take quite a few times during the duration of the Olympic Games. Now, I don’t know about you and I totally respect your opinion on the matter, but I’m not sure I care much about the London Games. YES! Shocking isn’t it? Why? Well…let it...

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Angels With Dirty Faces

Is there any man alive that hasn’t at some point in his life dreamed about the cute girl next door? That one that looks deliciously angelic but that, at least in our imagination, is a sexy little devil? Go on men… Admit it… that fantasy did cross your mind more then once… am I right here? Fact is that I firmly believe that every woman has both sides in their personality… Even if they don’t know it yet. We all have this little thing to be honest. And to prove my point let me introduce you to someone that...

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The ZE Tour

ZE Tour Do you remember how much fun we had wit the Renault Twizy a couple of weeks ago? Well, it looks like that was just beginning as the guys and gals at Renault had more fun reserved in the cards. This time on the dance floor! I am talking about the ZE tour event that happened in Covent Garden on Saturday, and the atmosphere on the dance floor was electric! No… Really… LITERALLY… Renault had the brilliant idea of installing dancing charging machine in the middle of Covent garden and yes, The more we danced the more we...

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1000 Ways To Love your TOTAL

Did I ever tell you how much I love being a blogger? No? Well, just so you know the answer is LOADS. In good part mainly because I get to do loads of pretty awesome like, for example, attending to last week’s 1000 Ways To Love your TOTAL MasterClass with Chef Paul Merrett and a team of fabulous foodie bloggers at La Cucina Caldesi in London where we spent a few hours having fun in the kitchen cooking a selection of delicious dishes part of the new collection of recipes hosted at the TOTAL Greek Yoghurt website.  The Cooking Now, I...

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The Man Bag Issue

I hate carrying things on my pockets… In special my trousers back pockets, which is why I mostly wear cargo ones. But what about then that’s not enough? What when you need to be practical and carry things like cameras, notebooks, nappies etc? The sensible and practical part in me says RUCKSACK, but unfortunately I have been told a few times that I can’t just wear a rucksack everywhere I go… Fashion issues… Women… *sighs* But there is another alternative: The Man Bag. I’ll be honest with you just now and say in all the words: Is there a...

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