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Author: Yuri

What to expect when you are expecting

Okay…I’m not expecting… The big belly you may see is merely fat… But Brook is, so in a way WE are because, let’s face it, the effects of pregnancy do affect us both… And now is where all the feminazis on call will want to bite my head off but , in some ways, pregnancy CAN AND WILL affect the male of the relationship equally, if not more than it will affect the female. Seriously… Hear me out as I pledge my case. When I told Brook I was writing this post she told me straight away: “Are you gonna...

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What National Holidays Should Exist?

Did you know that 26th March is national make up your own holiday day? The possibilities are endless and you don’t need an online casino to work it out, so we decided to list the top ten National Holidays we think should exist: National Scooter Appreciation Day H.P. Baxxter and the gang have always been heralded as national treasures in their native Germany, but this appreciation isn’t limited to the western European giants. Scooter have provided the world with hours upon hours of poetry that would have the most notable Poet Laureate cursing their talent. With lyrics such as...

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Wow! That’s a tonne of Exposure!

I always get excited when I get emails from PR agencies with new projects I can take part on. Be it for them being fun things to do or to eat – I love project where I can eat stuff –  or the occasional good cause, or be it for the money – What?!?! Come on… Getting paid for work you do would excite you too wouldn’t it?!?! And then there are emails like the one I received this morning. It started with: Hi there,  I was just browsing Urban Vox and as I was reading your site, I noticed...

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A Sunny Afternoon

  I was looking at my drafts today and found this… It made me smile quite a bit and remind me of how much I long for this summer time at the seaside. There will be a little addiction to this picture when it comes and we are all so very much looking forward to it. I caught myself thinking of sunny afternoons watching the monkeys run while this pretty lady seats next to me with the latest addiction to the family… And it simply made me smile… So much… Bring on the summer...

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The One where I fail at the #EveryDayVlogChallenge

So we started a new year… And With it I decided to take a little challenge to get me back into Vlogging: The Everyday Vlog Challenge! The plan was to vlog once a day… doing whatever… for the whole of the year… Documenting our new life in Southsea and beyond. I was supposed to get started on the 1st January… and from there every day… Did you notice the way I said WAS SUPPOSED TO?!?! Yeah… I FAIL AT LIFE. 🙂 And the big fail started at day one… Or should I say day 5?!? No matter… I might...

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