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Author: Yuri

James Bondify Your Life

By Avery Phillips You could be a little more “James Bond” by doing everything sleekly, quickly, and luxuriously. Who wouldn’t want to be a little fancier, completing everything like a well-groomed panther? To take a break from the ordinary. You can bring some Bond into your life without spending that much money. Dress well, get informed, set yourself up for success, and enjoy what you do. Dress Well Dressing well doesn’t mean spending a bucketload on your wardrobe, but James Bond dresses for the occasion and chooses easy options that work. Dressing appropriately means no fedoras and cargo pants combo,...

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3D Gaming Will Soon Be The Hottest Thing In Tech

Tech industries move so quickly that it can almost be difficult to recognize trends before they’ve come and gone, or at least settled in. And we might be in the midst of that kind of journey with regard to 3D gaming, but looking ahead, this form of entertainment could end up being the biggest story in tech in the next year or so. We’ve begun to see a lot of on-screen 3D experiences being translated into virtual reality formats that facilitate actual 3D viewing. For instance, consider Bethesda’s Fallout 4, which was one of the biggest video games of...

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Banned Poster Girl Who Distracted Lewis Hamilton Returns to Monaco

Behind every Samson there is a Dalila and, particularly during the Monacao Grand Prix of 2009, Mighty Hamilton’s Dalila came by the name of Jessiqa Pace. “You definitely don’t need a distraction if you are trying to win the Grand Prix (…) She was sorta looking down on the drivers, from such an incredible spot there” Commented Mark Webber about the beautiful woman in the billboard, to what Felipe Massa completes “…every driver was losing a little bit of concentration” The ad, featuring model Jessiqa Pace as a female race-car driver, became a part of racing history when it caused mayhem...

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What to expect when you are expecting

Okay…I’m not expecting… The big belly you may see is merely fat… But Brook is, so in a way WE are because, let’s face it, the effects of pregnancy do affect us both… And now is where all the feminazis on call will want to bite my head off but , in some ways, pregnancy CAN AND WILL affect the male of the relationship equally, if not more than it will affect the female. Seriously… Hear me out as I pledge my case. When I told Brook I was writing this post she told me straight away: “Are you gonna...

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What National Holidays Should Exist?

Did you know that 26th March is national make up your own holiday day? The possibilities are endless and you don’t need an online casino to work it out, so we decided to list the top ten National Holidays we think should exist: National Scooter Appreciation Day H.P. Baxxter and the gang have always been heralded as national treasures in their native Germany, but this appreciation isn’t limited to the western European giants. Scooter have provided the world with hours upon hours of poetry that would have the most notable Poet Laureate cursing their talent. With lyrics such as...

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