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Author: Alexandra

Welcome to Route Setting

So…It has been awhile. Again. Life moves quickly—one moment you’re a waitress, sharing an apartment with your sister; the next you’re employed as a routesetter in a climbing gym, and moving to Hollywood. Yes, dear readers, I have moved from one of the nicer neighborhoods of LA, to its crazy epicenter. I wake up every morning to homeless people digging though the dumpster, but I’m also paying less than half as much for rent. Compromises.   But where I live is not the main point of this post. No, what I actually want to write about is the first...

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Life, and Decisions.

Hello, again! As you might notice if you look at my profile, it has been awhile since I’ve written anything. Well, that’s not quite true. I’ve actually written quite a bit in the realms of poetry, short stories, and applications for graduate programs; nothing relevant to the purposes of this site, alas. Why? Life, my dear reader, but in the best sense possible. You see, I’m still living in Los Angeles (amazing, no?), and doing my best to fill the days in the best ways possible. When I’m not running around Hollywood restaurants, doing my best impersonation of a...

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My Desert Holiday

On December 23rd, my sister and I boarded a 19 passenger airplane headed to Canyonlands Field Airport. I’m terrified of flying in any circumstances, and our plane was far from confidence-inspiring. But we were hours away from being reunited with family, and I was happy. Spending Christmas in Moab might not seem like everybody’s ideal holiday, but it’s certainly the best I’ve had to date. We didn’t do a formal dinner, or shower each other with expensive gifts, but everyone I loved was in the most beautiful place I’ve ever been. Christmas Eve was frigid and snowy, but a...

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Holiday Excess

So guess who’s going to Moab for Christmas? Yes, after much agonizing, including an emotional breakdown in the middle of my restaurant, plane tickets were bought, and a plan was formed. I have exactly five days off work around Christmas, and I am going to take advantage of each and every one. A short trip to a desert town might not seem like a splurge to most, but when you’re living on peanut butter and celery, it’s absolutely decadent. Now I just have to figure out how to match my father’s generosity with a suitable gift of my own....

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Christmas Minus Money

Living in Los Angeles is expensive. Rather, life is expensive, but the cost can vary greatly depending on the city. Right now, my sole source of income is a part-time job as a waitress in an old Hollywood bar/restaurant. On a monthly basis I make enough to pay my rent, bills, and afford gas to transport myself to and from work. But now it’s mid-holiday season, and things are going to be interesting. Fortunately for me, my family is low-maintenance. I can write poems for my youngest sister, find/make something pretty for my mother, spend time with my father, and...

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