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Author: Bex Knight

Lust is a lovely thing

I put together a super cute outfit for you all, to show you how it’s okay to not wear shorts and skirts. But I ended up falling in love with it and throwing a tantrum that I have to wait until payday to get it. We all know it’s not been the warmest of summers. In fact, it’s actually been quite cold and wet. I’ve been living in cropped trousers and Ts; it looks summery, it keeps you cool but not too cool, and let’s face it, it’ll make you look crazy hot. Thanks to Cara D and many...

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Tie Shopping in Italy

I was recently watching Channel 4 news where I fell in love with Jon Snow’s look – bright navy suit, neon yellow tie, and bright yellow striped socks. It was impeccable and I think I gushed about it for at least 10 minutes. My grandma’s sister then told us about this tie her husband has from Italy. Apparently it’s a beautiful black silk tie with fleur-de-lis’ printed all over it and she makes him wear it to church. Cute story, I was thinking, she’s old, bless her. Anyway, the underneath of this tie has a naked lady baring all. To cut a long story short, I was so excited by this that I headed over to google and a few clicks and rephrasing of my initial search, I discovered that this kind of tie is actually a big hit among Italian business men. Who knew? After a few more clicks, and few more attempts of rephrasing my words, I found out that you can buy these from market stalls for fairly cheap, and if you go into shops they can range between anything from £20 to £90 depending on the quality of the silk screening. I also noticed that the cheaper ties tend to be the most explicit  and crude (see picture above), whereas the more expensive ones tend to be about class rather than ‘oh my god, BOOBS’. I managed to...

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Gents, groom yourself on a budget.

Hello Gentleman, I am here to help you look your best in clothes and out. Now I know I’m a fashion writer so I should be telling you about what clothes to wear and what clothes not to wear. But I think grooming yourself to perfection helps the look as a whole. I am in no way patronizing men everywhere by saying you can’t wash, and this will not be a video tutorial on how to brush your teeth. Think of this as a handy guide on making yourself look smart for that interview, or even making yourself look like...

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An apology, sort of

Hello, it’s me, Bex Knight. Do you even remember me?! I’ve been such an awful writer lately and have found writing for two other online blogs as well as my own such a drain on my creativity that I literally could produce nothing. I found I was writing about names and trends that I really liked, but had no words to tell you why I liked them. And then it hit me, yes I do love fashion, but that’s not all I love. So I took some time out from writing where I spent time with my boyfriend where...

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Tahir Sultan at London Fashion Week

Sultan’s journey into design began whilst she was studying architecture at the Architectural Association in London, she later went on to study Fashion at Central Saint Martins’ College and graduated with a BA in Fashion and Knitwear. She gained work experience with Alexander McQueen and John Galliano which is clear to see has fueled her imagination, especially when looking at her quirky cuts and dark colors. This A/W13 collection from Tahir Sultan called“Lost in the Sands of Time” is all about the excitement that traveling has to offer. Inspired by the Thaar desert in India (clear to see when looking at the prints...

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