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Author: Lolly

Lolly Goes Internet Dating

New Year, New you I thought when I signed up on in January after splitting up with my boyfriend. As much as I love this city, London really isn’t great for flirting, unlike Paris or New York. Men lack a certain je ne sais quoi, and the whole ‘I need a drink to flirt’ is quite frankly annoying. Gents, alcohol breath is not attractive. Lured by the advertising, and a little push from my friend (‘It’ll be fun!’, she said), I finally caved in, and signed up… Over the past 3 months, I have been carefully studying men’s...

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Edvard Munch’s The Modern Eye; An introduction to the master of misery

I finally managed to catch the Tate’s The Modern Eye exhibition last Saturday, an interesting overview of the life and obsessions of Norwegian born, ‘father of Symbolism‘, Edvard Munch. I have to admit that I didn’t know much about Munch’s art other than that his most famous piece, The Scream, was auctioned for an eye-watering $12o million earlier this year. In this exhibition, the Tate Gallery has chosen to focus on the whole of his career and paint a more rounded picture of the artist. Like many artists, Edvard Munch led a lonesome, compulsive life and this compulsion definitely shows through his...

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The Power Keg Diplomacy – SW London’s quirkiest cocktail bar

I am a Clapham girl through and through having lived in the ‘Junction’ for the past few years. But after 5 years of hanging out in the same locals (plural, Ladies and Gents), discovering the Powder Keg’s Diplomacy was a breath of fresh air. It all started at the tip of my fingers when my trusted Foursquare app suggested I check out PKD on top of St John’s Hill, safely tucked away from the more commercial, but nevertheless pleasant, Northcote Road and Battersea Rise. Friendly staff in braces and top hats are welcoming and quickly set the scene: PKD...

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The hippest place in London this summer has to be the Southbank

The Southbank is by far one my favourite areas in London. What’s not to love? The London Eye, gorgeous food markets, cute little bars and eateries, The Tate, the Millenium Bridge, St Paul’s… But with the Olympics in London, the area now offers a truly stunning audio-visual show. Mayor of London presents has given the area a makeover through fascinating sound installations and dazzling bridges, from Tower Bridge through to the Hungerford and Golden Jubilee Bridges. But the icing on the cake for me, has to be the amazing projections on the Houses of Parliament, a show depicting great Team GB moments,...

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