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Author: Victoria Reilly

Five Things I’ve Learnt Whilst Blogging

This might seem like an odd post because whether you’re familiar with my blog or not it might seem like I’ve been blogging for a grand total of ten minutes when in actual fact it’s been a couple of years – I had a bit of a hiatus. I’ve seen plenty of posts like this knocking about on the blogosphere and I actually find them really helpful, even now, so I figured I’d run my mouth a little and join in. It can’t hurt to have another opinion, right? Aesthetics are important. I know, we as bloggers are some of the most shallow out...

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Be Your Own Valentine

I find Valentine’s Day inappropriate, boring and just plain annoying and there’s only been one February 14th in recent years that I’ve actually been single. However I do appreciate that there are some people who love getting mushy, and when you feel like you’re alone on the most romantic day of the year it can get a little depressing. I bring you tips and tricks to ensure you have a fantastic day whether you’re with someone or not (my SO will probably be working) and it’s easily done. Bet you a fiver you have a better day than Gemma from accounts who ate at...

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