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Summer Style

It’s that fabulous time of year again when a hint of sunshine puts a smile on everyone’s face and has women heading for the holiday aisles to stock up on sunscreen, sandals and swimwear. Well, this season’s swimwear is sure to make that smile even wider as you discover the trends that are on offer for Spring/Summer 2013. One of the frontrunners for favourite is the vintage 1950’s inspired swimwear; not only do we love the polka dots and prints but these vintage cuts, including high-waisted pants, halter neck straps and sweetheart necklines can prove incredibly flattering on the...

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Swimwear for Summer 2013

With holiday season looming, it is likely that preparations for your week away in some tropical paradise are already underway – the factor fifteen is packed, your holiday read has been purchased, and that perfect swimwear that never fails to make you look fabulous, well, actually, is probably looking a bit tired after five summers in a row. However, with summer 2013’s swimwear rapidly making its way into our favourite retailers, you are sure to find a replacement faster than you can say “When does cocktail hour start around here?” Undoubtedly, when it comes to swimwear, functionality and practicality...

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Fashion Apps For Your iPhone

Fashion apps for your iPhone; oh those fabulous five words are music to the ears of fashion fans everywhere. We have our TV shows, our glossy fashion magazines, fashion based websites and now, when we thought it couldn’t get any better, we have fashion apps. For those who are not content with limited access to fashion news, updates, pictures and more, fashion apps are available that will allow you to pretty much eat, sleep and breathe it. If you are new to the world of fashion apps and all the fabulous things they have to offer then here are...

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Top 3 Iconic Casino Scenes in Movies

No matter what specific genre a movie is, it could potentially include a casino scene. Many of these iconic scenes have left indelible marks on the minds of moviegoers. While some of these movies are based heavily on casino gaming, others simply use casinos as a backdrop with less importance to the overall plot. The movie Rainman is one movie that features a memorable casino scene. This particular movie is about Charlie Babbitt and how he exploits the gifts of his autistic brother. The brother, played by Dustin Hoffman, has a photographic memory which allows him to successfully count...

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Notting Hill Carnival

We LOVE receiving feedback and contributions from our readers and Twitter Followers! I mean, this is what UrbanVox is all about, that Urban Voice that won’t be silenced…  *Pause for effect*. Becky Evans (A.K.A. @Becky1b) was at the Notting Hill Carnival on Bank Holiday Monday, here is what she thought of all the colour and commotion; Notting Hill Carnival I have lived in London for the past 23 years but it wasn’t until 1993, whilst living in Bayswater, that I started going to the Notting Hill Carnival. Living amongst the throes of it, it was hard to avoid, but what...

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