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Author: Holly Jones

Christmas Splurge? No chance!

Photo: REX FEATURES You want to splurge as a student? It’s hard cheese, unless either you win the lottery or have exceptionally good-willed parents, or are the kind of person inclined to sacrifice their social life to take on a job. Let’s face it: it’s hard to spend a lot at Christmas when it’s the end of term, the remnant of your maintenance loan ran out in mid-October and you’ve been clobbering your overdraft ever since. So, here is a useful guide to participate in Christmas and make it through to the end of term, without really paying an...

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Halloween Costumes: A Lesson and a Reminder

 By Holly Jones Please note: this article is catering to the nature of heterosexual engagements of the cis men and women, but this in no way means that this writer thinks that any queer, gay or trans*individuals are somehow incapable of dressing up and going out on Halloween. Believe me, they are.   The Plastics. Source: “Halloween is the one night a year girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it.” That questionable little gem of wisdom, for those of you not as familiar with mid-noughties chick flicks, is from...

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To Foreign Lands: University Tales

By Holly Jones The theme ‘Expat’ is apt this week as I move from the country of security and cosiness into the unfamiliar territories of University Life. My parents, not being of the weepy variety, had dropped me off and left (not unprompted) me to sort the various crates, enormous IKEA bags and boxes that we had managed to squeeze into the car. I observed other parents, similarly middle-class and well-to-do, welling up and begging their red-faced academic little offspring to phone home at least once during the coming weeks. Shoving food haphazardly into cupboards and bathroom essentials into...

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