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Author: Icarus

Iron Man 3.

-WARNING: This review isn’t spoiler-free.- As anyone who follows me on Twitter will know, given my incessant tweets on the subject, this was the week of Iron Man 3 for me. Well, it was the week of IM3 for everyone, but given my dedication (some may say obsession, but I’ll agree to disagree) to both Marvel movies and this particular trilogy, I could barely concentrate on anything else. My expectations admittedly were both ridiculously high and really low. High from what the cast had said, the direction, the clips that were coming out. I also got to go in relatively unspoiled, which was a nice bonus in this day and age. Low simply because of the lack of internal coherence in Iron Man 2. Luckily, this time, the film was spot on. While in the Avengers films, we look for Tony’s shiny toys, I think that the Iron Man franchise works best when it’s stripped back. With such a complex and intriguing character as Tony Stark, the man sometimes gets lost in the midst of the explosions. Not so in Iron Man 3, which balanced everything perfectly. Stunning fight scenes, the sharp, sometimes dark humour we expect from the Iron Man movies, and the story of a flawed hero, redeemed. Okay, a couple of the moments in the film felt a little cliche – the prime example for me...

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Seven Psychopaths

Despite having been desperate to see Seven Psychopaths from the first moment I saw the trailer, it’s taken me until now to finally watch it. A sad truth, especially when I think of all the times over the past week I could’ve done with watching it. At least now I can say with certainty that it doesn’t just live up to the hype – it surpasses expectations. First things first; the soundtrack to this film is simply brilliant. An eclectic mix of songs, they match the tone of the movie perfectly, enhancing scenes rather than stealing the show entirely – much like the cast themselves. The cast list does read a little like a who’s who of male actors – Christopher Walken, Colin Farrell, Woody Harrelson to name just a few – although arguably it’s Christopher Walken who really steals the show. The plot… where do I even begin with the plot? Well, let’s start with lessons the film has taught me. Dog-napping, it turns out, is surprisingly lucrative – except for when you steal a psychopath’s dog, script writing is best done when you’re an alcoholic, and a rock formation with a wooden cross on top really is the perfect scene for the final shoot out. The film is irreverent, self-referential, and it is perhaps a testament to the skill of those involved that it never feels outlandish...

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Oh Lord, Heal This Bike?

Finally, I’ve done it. After saying for months that I’m going to introduce a little culture into my life, I went to the theatre last night. The gorgeous Cottiers in the West End of Glasgow has been playing host to the Cult Classic Theatre’s production of Good Omens (and yes, that is a play based on the Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett book of the same name) and I just couldn’t resist. Open on Aziraphale and Crowley discussing the fall of Adam and Eve – your typical angel/demon discussion really. Both Stephen Bell and Christopher Honey have a great future if their performances were anything to go by, the characters lovingly brought to life over the course of the play. That’s perhaps one of the major strengths of this play – it was easy to see that the actors and actresses enjoyed the characters they were playing, delivering the well crafted lines  in the manner they were intended to be heard. Yes, I could fixate on what was omitted – but that would simply be petty. What was made of the material possible on a stage was the best that could have been done, and it was more than enough. The cleverest lines, the inclusion of the audience, even the ability to go with whatever occurred on stage – this is a group worth watching. If you haven’t read the book,...

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The Week of Bastille.

This has been an excellent week for me, music-wise. A saccharine treat from the upcoming Paramore album, and the Bastille album on near permanent loop. Could there be a better seven days? I suppose the answer to that all depends on your perspective, but from mine, this is as good as it gets. Bad Blood is everything you’d want in an album, covering almost every mood that comes to mind. Something upbeat you can dance to? Try Laura Palmer. In the mood for something slow and a little melancholy instead? Oblivion is the track for you. That’s not to say that the tracks in between are lacking. My personal favourite tracks at the moment are Flaws and Daniel in the Den, although they’re liable to change on a daily basis. Of course, my namesake track, Icarus, also deserves yet another honourable mention. Bastille have managed to hit the jackpot on their first shot – Bad Blood is one of those rare albums which can be left on loop and never become boring. Trust me, I’ve been testing that theory to its limits this week. Also exciting my musical senses this week is the release of the Daughter album. Take a listen to my favourite track of theirs, Youth, and just tell me it’s not cause for excitement come tomorrow morning. Finally, if you’re into that sort of thing –...

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So Long and Goodnight

As some of you may know, Saturday was somewhat of an end of an era moment for fans all around the world; My Chemical Romance announced that they would no longer be operating as a band, after twelve years together. Having followed them from the very beginnings of my teenage years (and I’m not commenting on just how long that’s been – suffice to say, I’m not a teenager anymore) and still being an avid fan, it was a moment of loss to both fans and the music industry. This post then is my celebration of the twelve wonderful years of music My Chemical Romance have provided; a real wandering down memory lane, and a surprisingly emotional one at that. My first self-appointed task was picking my favorite song from each album, plus a bonus favorite from EPs and B-sides. The list was as follows: Demolition Lovers, The Ghost of You, Famous Last Words, The Kids From Yesterday, and their cover of Desolation Row for the Watchmen soundtrack. It’s a testament possibly to both the band and my own indecision that it took far longer than I’d expected to pick out just the five tracks. My Chemical Romance have been repeatedly hailed by teens and young people all over the world as a band who saved lives. They were a band who invoked a sense of community rarely seen these days – fans...

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