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Author: iflibble

Mobile Photography

Why would someone choose to take pictures with a mobile, why not use a camera. Well for starters I don’t think anyone will be giving up their camera in favour of using a mobile anytime soon, if ever. But for us using a camera phone everyday, offers many great features, and as we don’t all carry a camera everywhere we go, it is very convenient for taking those unplanned photos during our normal daily lives and then gives us the option to upload the best ones to social media sites. In addition to the convenience of always having a camera...

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The Internet – should we give thanks?

I looked around my living room for inspiration of what I was thankful for, at all my wonderful gadgets and toys and my eye fell upon my children, and while I give thanks everyday for the light they bring into my life, it was not them as such that inspired me but what they were doing. My 4 year old son was watching his favourite cartoons using the iPad, and my 8 year old daughter was doing her homework researching Indian elephants on her iPod touch. My mind soon drifted to how things had changed since I was a child. So...

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AVG team up with FaceBook

AVG and Facebook have announced that they will team up, to provide their subscribers with greater security using AVG’s LinkScanner service. Yes! I can hear you all say Oh that’s nice. Why is this big news? Why should you care as you have antivirus software on your PC (at least I hope so)? When you think about how computing has changed over the past few years; how we are moving away from software on computers to an on-line cloud based world. With on-line services for everything; and in the case of Facebook and other social media; linking together and...

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Tablets: which one to take

As anyone who has read previous posts may have noticed, I’m a lot bit of an Apple fanatic. So just for a change I thought I would look at what alternatives there are to the iPad. Let’s start with Windows 7; my mum always said if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all. But as I’m trying to be objective, I’d best say a little about Windows. The good points are that you have a full version of Windows so you are, in essence, taking a PC on the move with you, so if it works on your desktop...

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Death of the PC. All hail mobile computing

I have been to a variety of mobile device seminars of late, all have had a familiar theme, enabling you to do everything you can do on a PC with a mobile device. So is this a reality? In a word, NO! Well definitely not for me and my fellow IT chaps. Though for your average non geek, the ability to do 100% of work via mobile technology is already in place in many companies across the globe. I’m not suggesting that you can pick up any mobile device and you are ready to go; there are companies spending serious money...

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