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Author: Jade Green

The Stockwell

It’s lunchtime. It’s Thursday. Which means it’s nearly the weekend. So what do three hungry city folk with a penchant for the unique do? Head to Essex, obv! Starting the (rail) road trip with a mandatory glass of champagne, we headed out of town (via Liverpool Street station) to the original capital of Roman Britain, Colchester. Having previously visited (and been a huge fan of) Colchester Castle last year, I was excited to receive an invitation to visit The Stockwell, one of Colchester’s oldest recorded buildings (est. 1350) on its first day of opening. Following A short taxi ride from Colchester station, we were deposited in front of a beautiful building, with freshly painted, clean white walls teamed with a brown beamed exterior. Stepping into the restaurant, it was clear to see how the buildings’ sympathetic restoration had cost £1 million. Throughout the restaurant, exposed brickwork and original medieval beams and features are married with a comfortable but stylish array of table arrangements and private rooms. We were first given a tour by owner Robert Morgan, who, I was pleased to discover, is also an authentic history enthusiast. As soon as we entered, there was a warm and welcoming feel, not least because of the staff, but also from the fantastic Inglenook fireplace in front of us, and to the left, the bar and ‘relaxation’ area, where visitors can...

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Barrio North: You’re Welcome

The first thing I can tell you is that it’s my first review (of hopefully many) for Urban Vox! Hi! The second thing is Barrio North is the reason I look forward to doing more! In all honesty, it didn’t start too well. Trotting down Essex Road in my heels, I realised I was 10 minutes late, and despite walking past the door number, hadn’t seen the bar. In desperation I sent my mum off for directions (rock and roll)! And then lo and behold, there it was in front of me, sandwiched between an American Diner and a...

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