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Author: Emma Whispers

John Frieda Go Blonder

I’m a bit rubbish when it comes to hair care. I get my hair dyed and cut about once a year. That’s an awful thing to admit isn’t it? It’s just so blooming expensive! Thank goodness for this new ‘dip dye’ fashion, my roots are so outgrown that you would think I’m fashionable ūüėČ The John Freida ‘Go Blonder’ range may be my saviour. Already it has made my hair feel lighter and softer, so a good start. When it comes out the tube, it’s a bright yellow. This was a bit of a shock as hair products are usually white, but thankfully it didn’t sent my hair such a bright colour. The consistency of both the shampoo and conditioner was lovely; not too runny or thick. The containers feature a flip lid which is simple to use and the design is atheistically pleasing. The only con being that as the bottles look so identical you have to pay attention to which is shampoo and which is the conditioner. If you’re anything like me first thing in the morning, you may shampoo your hair twice. As far as cleaning the hair, it works well. There’s nothing worse than washing your hair and it still feeling greasy afterwards. The instructions states ‘use daily for optimum results’. Now, we’ve all heard it’s bad to wash your hair daily right? After all...

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Pinching Pennies

Now you know that saying ‘a stitch in time saves nine’. How many of you get to the January sales and think YES! Christmas shopping now, then I’m done. Yet by December, you realise you didn’t really buy much for anyone else, you’ve forgotten what you did get, and lost the rest. So now the panic starts. It’s December, all say with me now ‘AARGHH!’. Are we all skint yet from the Christmas parties? I would love to say I was super organised, but that’s just not happening. This year I have managed to avoid most Christmas shopping. Someone else has suggested a present, and I’ve jumped in on it. Chuck them some money, they buy it, wrap it, and stick my name on it! Fabulous. For those who I did have to buy presents for, Groupon and Wowcher are your best friends. You know what I love about buying online? I can send it to my address back home so I don’t have to lug a suitcase full of presents on the train with me! For my friends, it’s all about the cheeky sex toys and novelties. They’re the presents I look forward to most, just to see their faces when they open them! What to buy for the mister though, is where it gets tricky. My Grandma’s advice ‘Just chuck him before Christmas then you don’t have...

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Motography, what on earth is that to do with? A new kind of Monopoly but with Motels? Apparently it’s just the new posh slang for photos taken on your mobile.¬†“I’m a Motographer, didn’t you know, darling?’. The wonderful thing with taking photographs on your mobile, is that they’re getting so advanced now you can take some really great photos in an instance,¬†especially¬†with the bane of a photographers life, ‘Instagram’. ¬†None of that messing about with a DLR, ¬†it just takes a second to upload to social media and boast to everyone what you’re doing. Oh come on, admit it,...

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Spooky or Sexy?

When it comes to Halloween, never mind dressing up, if I were to dress down and let you see me first thing in the morning it would give you nightmares for life! Now I’m at that age, where the lingerie fancy dress outfits are perfectly sociably acceptable. Wahey! I tested this theory last weekend at a Western themed fancy dress party. I was the only one there my age and definitely revealed a lot less than everyone else, however, it was joked about rather than disgraced. The catch with Halloween is that the lingerie is only really acceptable with some form of animal print or halloween costume. Witches and cats are traditional, but the animal theme extends to mice, leopards and more. Are we pushing the boundaries of Halloween too far? Is the sexed up Devil really that much of a sin? Then there’s those who choose neither. Would you rather a witch who has been very wicked, or a Dalmatian? I love the make up used for this outfit! I must admit, I do love a great reason to dress up. Who doesn’t? Playing dress up in the bedroom is a great way to mix things up and bring out your confidence through roleplay. Normally you wouldn’t want to be spanked and scratch his back? Oh but as a sexy kitten, totally acceptable. ‘It wasn’t me sweetie, it...

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Dignity Or Direction?

I’ve so far only been away with L once. We went to visit his family and friends. I let him book the tickets and as usual, he left it until the day before. I turn up at his the night before with my suitcase all packed. All the necessities, outfit changes, hair supplies, straighteners, make up, chargers and of course, plenty of underwear! An hour before we were due to get a train on the other side of London, L starts to pack. This was after his lie-in, despite my attempts to get him out¬†of bed. When packing, he...

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