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Author: Sara Meredith

A Look Into The Plus Size Fashion Wars

After the Channel 4 television programme Plus Size Wars was shown last night the media is full of talk regarding plus size fashion and plus size models with the amazing Tess Holiday taking centre stage after her fantastic groundbreaking signing to the top modeling agency. Plus size women are standing up for themselves and demanding the same level of fashion offered to slimmer women. Personally entering the world of Plus size fashion has been a real journey. If you had told me three years ago I would be a plus size model I would have laughed out loud. I...

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Make Moments Matter

The easter holidays have begun and I am so happy that my house is again full of all my children, yet I was struck with the realisation that this may not happen for much longer. My babies are not babies anymore at 18, 17 and 14 they are teenagers and each day comes with them building their own lives. Making their own plans which don’t involve me. It’s ok I’m not sobbing in a corner afraid of being an empty nester if that actually even happens. (Foster carer for life .) I love that my children are becoming more...

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Valentine – Commercial Hell

So its that time of year again, when every shop display is filled with red hearts, balloons and kisses.  Shelves are full of heart shaped chocolates and cuddly toys. Yes next week is Valentines day and personally it seems to have become Valentine commercial hell. Now don’t get me wrong I love my husband but I hate the way the whole world seems to go crazy for this day. How the rest of your life is going to depend on if your receive a card on this day. Every shop telling you to show the one you love how...

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Seriously did you know it’s illegal to strangle your teenager

Seriously did you know it’s illegal to strangle your teenager, my husband informed me of this today after a comment I made regarding our sixteen year old daughter. The seriousness of the way he told me had me in stitches as it seemed he had actually considered this option. Yet I’m sure he isn’t alone. Now of course I’m not really talking homicidal thoughts but really can one parent of a teenager actually tell me that they have never looked at this child and thought “really are you mine”. I have actually been told that the teenage years are coming earlier now days, not the physical age of 13 onwards but the emotional behaviour. The strops and temper tantrums, the whole world doesn’t understand me philosophy and of course the “my parents are SO embarrassing “phenomena. Society has changed the way our children grow up. I believe it has reduced the number of years they are allowed to be a child, ten year old girls are not playing with dolls and prams anymore it’s all mobile phones and make-up. As a mom of all girls I can only really relate to this side but I do honestly believe that it’s harder for girls to stay young than boys. My youngest loved to play with her pram and dolls yet constant bullying from her peers made her stop before she...

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Tattoo Freeze 2013

Telford became the town of ultimate art this weekend as it played host to the annual Tattoo Freeze. Tattoo artists and body modifiers from around the world attended the event to showcase their work in some amazing tattoos and some cool piercings. Walking around the event we watched some incredible tattoos come to life. Portraits of loved ones, idols and old fashion flash. There were leg pieces, arm pieces and even full back pieces coming together. It was array with birds, cartoon characters and so much more. The variety was just incredible. Of course it wasn’t just tattoos coming to...

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