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Author: Mrs Teepot

Desire, Pleasure and a Damn Good Cause!

So you want a sex toy, but you don’t want gratuitous advertising, hardcore descriptions of what said toy can do, and you’d like to support a worthy cause with your cash? Look no further than Desire & Pleasure, the Family Planning Association’s sex toy shop. The FPA is also boycotting products with offensive names and packaging or those that have violent or aggressive connotations. It also changes any product descriptions that it feels are unnecessarily explicit. Desire & Pleasure is the go to shop for well priced, ethically marketed sex toys, lingerie and other fun bits and pieces. From...

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Naughty or Nice? The splurge edition

With Christmas getting ever closer the decision to be naughty or nice is essential! This week money is no object so let’s get spending those hard earned pennies! Tip 1: Dress the part! Shy girlies can sex it up with this Mae Babydoll, available at Selfridges for £500. You’ll be the best present under the tree wrapped in that! More raunchy types can let out their inner vixen in this Animal Fitted Satin Printed Chemise for just £70 at Debenhams. You could crawl across the floor to your lover in it and pounce on them for extra festive fun!...

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Naughty or Nice? The Thrifty Edition

It’s that time of the year again. Santa is checking his list and Urbanvox wants to give you ladies some top tips to decide which list you’ll be on. But this week we’re keeping all costs as cheap as possible so you can be an amorous angel or a delicious devil for a lick, price wise! Tip 1: Dress the part! If you’re feeling angelic, baby-dolls are the way to go in the bedroom in my opinion. You can even be Mrs Claus in this Sorbet Boutique Santa Babydoll from Very for only £20. But if your inner devil...

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The Mind of a Submissive: 50 Shades of Choice

With Fifty Shades of Grey flying off the shelves, more people than ever are being exposed to the world of BDSM, but what’s it really like to be a submissive woman and is BDSM really still a subculture? The submissive lifestyle isn’t all glamorous parties, expensive presents and stalking men. I’m sure there are some lucky women who get the first two and some unlucky ones who attract the latter, but in general the BDSM world is just like the hotch potch of people you get in the vanilla world. But being a submissive woman in the post Fifty...

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