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Author: Natalie

When Bingo Goes Social!

Unlike any other bingo game experience you can find online, the way you play online bingo will never be the same. Introducing the revolutionary, which brings you a unique way of sharing your wins real-time with your family and friends. With a simple webcam, the connections you will make are endless! Face to face with other players, the social aspect of bingo has arrived in the online community for the first time. While playing live on webcam with others is part of the fun, you don’t need to have a webcam to join! By using the private chat...

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This Means War

Every now and then, a piece comes along that you know you are going to fall in love with instantaneously. It is a rare and beautiful feeling that exists across all mediums. For some, this love exists in art, and for others it can manifest in fashion. It happened to me last week, and it happened in both realms at once. I knew I was going to be in love before the box was ever opened. The attention to detail that Ink on Cotton exhibit is apparent from the second you receive it. They say presentation is everything, and Ink on Cotton goes all...

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