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Author: Glowstars

Carnival, Liphook Style

Nestled inbetween the Surrey Hills and Sussex Border you’ll find a sleepy Hampshire village. On one night each year much of the village resembles a ghost town. The lights are out, homes are locked up, roads closed and the residents of the village can be found shoulder to shoulder (and sometimes closer) in the centre of the village. Oh! Who am I kidding? Liphook isn’t a sleepy village. It’s the location of the first recorded ASBO and has its own Paralympic medallist. Liphook is just like so many other oversized villages across the country. What makes the village stand...

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Halloween Spiderwebs Nail Art Tutorial

With Halloween in less than a week, it’s the perfect time to indulge in a little creepy nail art. I don’t know how you feel about dressing up for Halloween, but I’m a little past that now. Having had two kids, that Wonder Woman costume doesn’t look so hot anymore. Nail art is a great way of getting into the spirit of the day without making too big a commitment. Watch this video tutorial see how you can get this creepy nail look for yourself. If you want to paint along be sure to have the following items to...

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Gothic Glamour

If you’ve been on holiday this summer you’ve probably arrived back in the UK with a bump. Our virtually non-existent summer has made the return from sunnier climes even more difficult than usual. The best way of getting over the post-holiday blues is to throw yourself into one of AW12’s new trends. Dark and decadent, gothic glamour is not a trend to be tried during the summer. But, as the nights are drawing in and the temperature still dropping, dark colours and bold make-up are seasonally appropriate. This is a trend I’ve been itching to get into since I...

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