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Author: Wheeler

Survival Of The Fittest

So one Thursday evening a couple of months back, me and a few of my friends went down the pub for a couple of leisurely drinks. Three or four pints in, one of my friends declares “There’s a mens health adventure race happening soon, I think we should make a team and take part” To which all of my friends answered, “Sounds like a plan!”. Now me personally, I decided against it, not because I didn’t like the idea, but purely because I am completely aware of how unhealthy I am, and that I would be wheezing like an old man...

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Nozstock 2012

A quirky name for an equally, eclectic, event; sums up this wonderful little festival, set in the idyllic Herefordshire countryside. At the entrance you notice that attention to detail is one things this festival has in spades; from the elegant murals to the wood carving of a cat, in front of an entrance adorned in ribbons.

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