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We’ve had quite a few VERY talented bloggers writing for UrbanVox over the year and we are incredibly proud of having had them as part of the team at some time or another.

This page is a little homage and thank you for the time they’ve put making UrbanVox what it is! 😉

Agent B


Alexandra is a girl, dabbling in acting, writing, and living in Los Angeles. Writing bios feels like narcissism, so they must be minimal. Want to know more? Well, she has been known to write a bit, so maybe look around? You might learn something interesting.

Alexandra Leslie

Alexandra Leslie is an American Journalism student studying abroad at the Ithaca College London Center. At Ithaca College in Ithaca, New York, Alexandra is an active member of the Roy H. Park School of Communications. Alexandra produces and is on-air talent for campus news show, Newswatch 16, and also reads daily news broadcasts for campus radio station 92 WICB. While in London, Alexandra in interning with and Techfluff.TV as a tech presenter/blogger. She plans to travel to several countries outside of the UK to really get the full cultural experience and see where she can find the best sushi :)


A Brazilian journalist and professional traveller (is that a dream job or what?). She’s lived in London, Italy and rocked her socks in Australia, while telling the tales on the blog: o mundo que eu vi (in portuguese)

Bex Knight

Bex is our resident fashionista and will be sharing with you coverage of the Fashion Industry from her very own point of view with some cheeky tips and inspiration along the way.

Brook Gulliver

Not your usual 20 something girl, because the usual is just freaking boring right? The one that writes about Music and all melodic stuffs here at

Dannii Moon

Award-winning ex social media manager and MD of specialist social media & digital recruitment agency in Richmond.

Emma Whispers

Fernanda Tosto

Gemma Glover

Birmingham girl living the high life in London and pretty much loving it! Adores anything to do with fashion, cocktails and dancing (trained at London Studio Centre as a professional dancer and all) and now work at a social media agency on the influencer team.


Holly Jones


Merchant of Venice, Death, or internet banality - you decide. Sometime writer, fulltime procrastinator, suffering from random intervals of sanity.


Jade Green

Freelance in creative events consultancy and co-ordination and loving everything from fashion, music and random night-life to horse riding, dance and experimental cooking! My randomness is reflected in the things I get up to and I love any excuse to meet new people and try new things (but not funfair's, theme parks or extreme sports because I'm a wimp!)

James Rendon

Born in the Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco, James is a self-described “jack-of-all-trades, and Master of one”. James has worked a wide spectrum of fields. A partial list includes having worked on farms and in factories; driven taxis, been a landscape gardener and a real estate agent. He has worked in film production and most recently in habitat restoration for California State Parks protecting endangered species. He now conducts tours privately and when he is not out there you might find him working on his mystery story of murder at sea.




Miss Louisa


She's a twenty-something girl in a twenty-something world. Bumping her way into 'grownupsville' at Hold on tight, it's going to get emotional!

Mrs Teepot

Mrs TeePot, aka Livi, is a tea drinking, chocolate munching,social networking writer. She has a passion for sex and loves to talk and write about it. In fact, nosing into other people's sex lives is a favourite past time of hers! On her own blog she writes about mental health, travel and occasionally gets a bit ranty.


A creative and passionate Colorado girl working in the realms of beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. A writer and photographer at heart, she is obsessed with the infinite possibilities of making life magical. With her camera always at her side, she pursues happiness and inspiration wherever the wind blows her.



Not born of a woman and raised by seahorses, NFHere was brought up on a diet of TV and Movies from a young age. Now with years of intense viewing behind him, he offers his opinions and thoughts on media in today’s modern hectic world, while all the while dreaming that one day he will meet Bill Murray. Also writer of surreal stories. He writes so you don't have you.

Rachel Phoenix

Life is one contrast after another: after serving my time in the City, I am now enjoying life in the Mendip countryside. Having always worked for large corporations I am working for a local firm and starting to test the water about working for myself. I am passionate about aeroplanes, English folk music, festivals, good wine and sexy lingerie, even more passionate about continuing to learn, meet new people, foster new relationships and have new experiences. Everyone deserves the confidence to be themselves, at least some of the time.

Sara Meredith

A crazy lady who loves life and anything gothic . Words are her passion and she indulges in this at A rambler that’s wants to change the world.

Sunniva Anne

The Blonde & The Brunette

Two girls in our mid-twenties searching for fun, lust, and love (all in that order)- or so our dating profiles would say. How do we plan on doing this you may ask? Simple, lots of swiping right.

Victoria Reilly

Victoria is a loud mouth 21 year old blogger-of-everything from the UK, with a penchant for cheesy pop punk and glitter! Like what you've read? Head over to



The Head Honcho at UrbanVox and Social Media Mad-Man & Gadget Freak should define him in a nutshell – “I Feel naked without my iPhone” Would be the quote that defines him the most. Super dad to 3 monkeys, photographer, designer, dreamer and Lego Fan all in one big package. Usually the guy you will be talking to on Twitter @urbanvox