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Category: Pocket News

Gosport Ferry

Today we went on a boat… Just off to Gossport for some #music #jamming so @brrookk can rehearse for #wickhamfestival … 5 mi ute ride but we went on a boat… 😉 #bigkid

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River Thames

This week we went mobile again for #goproextremeldn and faced some extreme speeds in a tiny boat.
There were tears and laughs, lots of pokemons caught and lots of steps on Google fit!

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Southsea Beach

The only bad thing about an amazing weekend is the “end’ part of the word… No #mondayblues though! The #southsealife won’t stop because #Monday says so!
The sun is out so wear sunscreen! (Specially the ones that, like some of us, kinda look like a lobster… ). Drink plenty of fluids, moisturise, eat light, enjoy the brightness and the heat while the #britishsummer allows us too!
Have a great week!

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