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Social Media Campaigns

1-social-media-iconsI don’t know if you’ve noticed… at UrbanVox we like to talk, in fact wherever the collaborators of the site get together and wherever it happens, it is always a hub of discussion both online and  offline. If we’re not talking about cake we’re discussing the latest digital trends so when you work with us you can be sure that we will listen, understand and engage in conversations in social media that will help you and your business.

The changing nature of consumers’ shopping habits means that instead of continuing to push marketing messages out, effective marketers must adapt to consumers’ new behaviour by creating marketing campaigns that pull people into their business. This strategy is called inbound marketing. The three key inbound marketing tools are blogging and content creation, search engine optimisation, and social media marketing.

These are the ways that UrbanVox  can help businesses and brands leverage their power on the web.

The truth is Twitter is one of of the most powerful social networks for your business and to leverage it effectively you need to know where to start.


helping you understand the impact that social media is having on your organisation and work with you to implement the changes that need to be made as a result. We develop overall social media strategies, provide bespoke training, help specify and recruit for social media roles, design and implement listening and responding programmes, advise on crisis planning and provide ad-hoc social media consultancy and advice.

Research & Insight

Helping you listen to conversations throughout social media relevant to your brand, products, services, competitors and sector. Through conversation audits, influencer research or ongoing social media monitoring to help you understand not just the volume and topics of these conversations, but more importantly, the underlying issues and sentiments, the influencers driving the conversations and what actions to take as a result.


Helping you engage in social media by having meaningful conversations with people and igniting positive word of mouth through influencer campaigns, conversation platforms, advocacy programmes, community building and management, social applications, conversation response and reputation management.

lets_get_social-300x113In each of these areas, we combine deep understanding of brands and marketing communications with strategic, creative and technology skills, underpinned with an innate sensibility for social media.

 Contact us today to discuss your current social strategy & let us give your business a boost.